Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Self-righteous fear is a dangerous thing.

It's interesting that one of the main torture defenders' "arguments" is that it was done after the 2001 terrorist attacks and everyone was fearful of a "follow up" attack. So in other words, it's okay to torture because we're the good guys and we were AFRAID.

Which is a direct link to America's killer cop syndrome. Police are trained to put their safety first -- they're the good guys fighting the bad guys -- so if something happens and they are afraid of great bodily injury, it's a license to kill. And of course, like most Americans, most police are more afraid of brown and black men than anyone else. And if a cop is afraid and kills, the District Attorneys' office -- which is the leader of law enforcement team, "the good guys," for which the cop works -- will make sure the grand jury understands how the fear the cop felt was "reasonable" -- 'he was confronting what looked like a demon!' -- so there's no case under the law -- if his fear of great bodily injury or death was "reasonable," the cop is free to kill.

Watch out for people who think of themselves as the "good guys" and who carry guns.