Friday, April 29, 2011

The mirror


there is Being and a mirror of Being.
and the mirror of Being is light.

it is through light that Being becomes aware of itself,
in the particular experiences of particular beings enacting particular interpretations of light.

beings are the intersection of Being and light.

the particular way that beings interact with light
– what they see when they look –
will depend on their localized interpretations and enactments of light,
typically embedded in languages and practices handed down through generations.

by enacting the core relation between light and language in particular ways,
beings open up particular spaces for reality creation –
enact a different language of light, open up a new frontier of spacetime.

if human beings can pull out of the chemically-induced death spiral that will be the heritage of modernity, our next stage of human evolution will be tied to explorations in the human relationship with light through language.

This is the path!
Through light everything possible is possible.

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